Art Gallery

Enjoy the exhibits at The Adele Grage Gallery (716 Ocean Blvd.) with a  featured monthly artist of photography or paintings of different mediums.  Monday - Friday 8 am - 4 pm (closed 12-1 pm)


Sharon Hayes Westbrook

Sharon is a contemporary painter influenced by her Southern Heritage and thirst for understanding cultural differences.  Celebration of family and friends, savory food, gardens of color and rich stories of life have contributed to her passionate, expressive paintings.  Enjoyment of discovery in cultures has brought change into her paintings, allowing them to reflect openness and a place for acceptance.  Bold and unafraid, she still continues to explore new creative means of expression.

 Enjoy walking through the gallery as the colorful abstract paintings take you into a new realm at the Adele Grage Gallery Monday – Friday 8 am – 4 pm. 

 Meet Sharon at this month's Artist Reception on Thursday, June 21st from 5-8 pm at the Adele Grage Gallery and enjoy free refreshments and light appetizers. 

Upcoming Exhibits:

July - Arts in the Park Winners - Melinda Bradshaw, Mark Wilson, Hadi Joyce
August - John Rennie - Photography (First Ever Exhibit)
September - Ted Head - Oils & Watercolors
October - Steven Haley - Photography
November - Diana Patterson - Acrylic Art
December - Eugene Quinn - Oils & Acrylic Art
Artisans' Faire - December 6th by invited artists

January - Miwa Fiore - Acrylic Art (First Time at Adele Grage Gallery)
February - Aisha McBurnie - (First Time at Adele Grage Gallery)
March - Susan Bolenbaugh - Drawings (Returns to Adele Grage Gallery)
April - Linda Olsen Returns
May - Marie Rose - Photography
June - Arts in the Park Winners
July - James Kane - First Time Ever on Exhibit

Artists interested in exhibiting at the Adele Grage Gallery, should contact the Recreation department at or call 904-247-5828 for information.